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Shopify Shutdown

Dear 4,466 RedPill Living Customers, 442 RedPill Living Affiliates, and others,

Without warning…  RedPill Living was shutdown by George Soros funded Media Matters and Shopify.

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If you want to know what’s happened… Keep reading. 

I’ll give you all the details — first… 

RedPill Living is part of White Hat Movement – A network of consumers and value-based businesses geared toward freedom of speech, individual liberty, and marketplace freedom.

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Today, April 8, 2020, at 12:39pm Eastern Time, RedPill Living was terminated by Shopify (our ecommerce provider) due to malicious actions and lies by George Soros funded Media Matters.

This comes during the COVID-19 pandemic when many businesses have been forced to shut down, causing a strain on our economy.

Media Matters states Dustin Nemos and/or RedPill Living is making medical claims based on an article reposted from  The article sites 4 studies.  One each from The Journal of the American Medical Association, Current Science, Colloids Surface B Biointerfaces, and Journal of Physical Chemistry

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In the Media Matters article, they also claim we promote Colloidal Silver as a Coronavirus cure… We have never knowingly made such claim, and believe no evidence exists to support their position.

There is a screen shot in the Media Matters article that shows a portion of colloidal silver product description.  It states it “can be VERY supportive against” Coronavirus… which is not a medical claim…. much less a claim of cure… and is language protected by law.

Further, it’s shocking to know Shopify admits to shutting down over 5,000 businesses as reported by Media Matters. 

Here’s the article from George Soros funded Media Matters:

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This action also comes less than 3 weeks after Shopify Capital approved us for a small business loan to increase our stock (due to demand).  We believe standard lending procedure would require full review of our store at the time of application and approval.

In Shopify’s termination email (embedded below), they referred us to their Acceptable Use Policy.   In it, there is not one mention of COVID-19 anywhere. 

Shopify sent us down a rabbit hole, and did not give opportunity to cure any perceived issues, and is possibly in violation of their own terms of use.  If true, this poses a significant liability to Shopify.  This is something we are already looking into. 

We are exploring legal action, because this is affecting…

  • Your ability to stay healthy,
  • Your ability to earn money during this health crisis,
  • Your freedom to choose how you support your health and your family… and
  • Dozens of independent media channels relying on our ad revenue and other programs to support their media work. These media channels are also in direct competition with Media Matters.  This equates to anti-competitive practices, corporate warfare against small, independent YouTube and radio personalities.  We also believe this is an attempt to silence their voices.

In essence — this is an attack on freedom of speech.

In the face of this attack, our promise is come back online as soon as possible — stronger and more resilient than ever before.

In the meantime — Join us in calling on…


… to reverse this termination — which will damage thousands of American small businesses, families, and individuals — as well as our international supporters — and… our suppliers and manufacturers.

We are disappointed in Shopify for their flagrant, disregard for legally protected language…  and for caving in due to pressure from the conspiracy theorist, George Soros funded Media Matters. 

Below is a screen shot of the email we received from Shopify.

Please consider supporting us on social media using the hashtag #WhiteHatMovement and #ShopifyShutdown, and make a donation to our legal fund to combat this attack.  

In the meantime… 

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To your health and personal freedom,

~Dustin Nemos


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Here is the email received from Shopify

Shopify Shutdown